Registration for our 2018 Spring Recreation Season is now OPEN.


Option 1: Online Registration (Preferred):

Simply click on the below online registration link.  This will take you to an online registration page.  If this is your first time registering online, you first must create an account which only takes a couple minutes.  The seasons following will be extremely simple for you to register your kid(s) for soccer.

You must pay via Credit Card if you register online.

Option 2: Printable form:

Simply click on the below printable form option which will pop up a PDF of the registration form.  Print it off, fill out the information and return the form and payment to the soccer office.

Completed registration forms can be mailed or brought to Hub City Soccer Club, 405 8th Ave NW  Suite 321, Aberdeen SD 57401.

AGE GROUP CHANGE UPDATE:  The United States Soccer Federation has required all affiliate members (which would include us) to migrate our age groups to a birth year system.  It will take a little time for all of us to become familiar with the new categorizing of age groups.  Essentially what it means is that players will be grouped together based upon the year they were born.  Example:  Your child was born in 2009, would mean he/she would be playing on teams comprised of only players born in 2009.  We all have become familiar with the terminology U5 or U10 but going forward that will begin being fazed out to now referring to the players age group by their actual birth year.  The updated age chart link below will help you understand how the two categorizations (Birth year versus U5-U19s) will mesh together going forward.


Please click HERE for an age chart which will allow you check and see if your child is eligible.   If you have any specific questions about your child participating in a league, please do not hesitate to contact the soccer office.