Inclement Weather
To find out if games are cancelled:

  • Check our Facebook page
  • Listen to Pheasant Country FM103.7 or KKAA 1560AM.
  • Call the ASA office at 225-0088 and listen to the message on the answering machine.
  • Check with your coach.

In some cases games cannot be cancelled until the last moment. In this case there will be a soccer representative at the complex to inform everyone of cancellation.

If games have started and the weather turns bad the complex referee will determine if games should be cancelled for safety reasons, such as lightning or field conditions.

Refund Policy
Additional information coming.

Team jerseys are property of the Hub City Soccer Club. You will be provided with and asked to return a form with the following information: player name, phone #, and jersey #. Hub City appreciates all coaches cooperation in keeping track of Hub City’s equipment. Questions should be directed to ourĀ  Hub City Soccer Club Equipment Manager.

Equipment Returns
Each season, Hub City loses thousands of dollars worth of jerseys. This is money that can and should be spent toward new jersey sets and other equipment. If you are cleaning closets, bedrooms, cars, garages, etc. and find jerseys or other equipment belonging to Hub City, please drop off items at the Hub City office or Concession Stand. Be assured that costs will be contained because you were kind enough to return these items!

Risk Management
Risk Management is a recent buzz word for soccer and youth sports across the US. In the simplest of terms Risk Management handles issues of player and participant safety. The Hub City Soccer club is committed to keeping our player safe. Feel free to contact the office with additional questions.