Age Eligibility
Due to our affiliation with the United States Youth Soccer Association, we adhere to their age chart. We do not promote moving players up age groups but do offer a petition process. Read more

USYSA age chart
A copy of the age chart, developed by USYSA, can be found here.

Player Equipment Requirements
We have outlined specific equipment requirements for the safety and success of all players on the field. Read more

Laws of the Game
These have been developed by US Soccer and can be found here.

Recreational League Rules
Hub City has established a set of rules that apply to all teams competing in the Hub City recreational league. hub-city-soccer-rules-all-leagues-2017 Updated 8/16/17

Recreational League U5 Through U15 Modified Rules
These leagues are developmental with an emphasis on learning the game of soccer, and not on wining. A unique set of rules have been developed for these leagues with that goal in mind.   hcsc-modified-rules-fall-2017 Updated 8/16/17

Competitive League Rules
More information to come.

Adult League Rules
More information to come.