Winter Programing Options

Option 1: Winter of Excellence:

The WOE program is a great opportunity for players to maintain and enhance their current skill level. This is a great option for those players who participate in other sports or activities during the course of the winter months and still wish to be active in soccer.

The WOE program is available to all of players who are in our U7-U18 age brackets. Players who sign up for the WOE program can attend a maximum of 8 training sessions during the months of January and February.  These sessions are age group specific and take place on gym floors in our local public school district.  The coaches conducting the sessions are our age group competitive coaches.  Please see the attached age group specific calendar for exact dates, times and gym locations.  These sessions will also have our players that have signed up for our more extensive competitive team program.

Cost: $49.00

To register please visit our Registration page!

To view the age group training dates and times, click HERE!

Option 2: Winter Competitive Team:

The second option available is having the player be involved in our winter competitive program. Our competitive team option is available to all players that are in the U9-U19 age brackets.  This is a larger commitment with much more player development possibilities.  Players will train much more than a player in the WOE program and will also be competing at a minimum of three tournaments during the course of the winter.  This option is available for all players that fall into our U9-19 age groups.

Please see the Competitive Team Information sheet for much more detailed information on this program.

Cost: $230.00

Click HERE for detailed Competitive Team Information

To view the age group training dates and times, click HERE!

To register please visit our Registration page!